18 September, 2013

On the Verge

photo via: Historias Troyanas

I owe that I am seriously overdue in my writing.  I also confess that I have shamelessly allowed my resolve to dissolve over the past couple months.  There is so much that can happen in this busy-ness called Life that distracts and distorts all that is importantly true and truly important.  And I have been swallowing gallons of mundane minutiae and mania since last I took digits to keyboard. 

However, it’s all for good tale.  I have been working so hard (and so often) for the sake of that which is on the verge.  On the last day of this very month I leave for Spain with my Dad and one of his childhood pals to walk on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.  We’ll be gone a month walking and waking, talking and making new roads of our own as we reintroduce ourselves to ourselves and to each other.  My heart is so full for this adventure.  I am tying up my loose ends and preparing to disconnect from the world of ones and zeroes and reconnect to the world of blood and bones and breath.  I am ready to engage in the world community again in the way only the traveler can.  I am ready to spend some quality time with my Dad, affectionately known as The Dude.  (And, no, this is actually NOT a reference to The Big Lebowski.)  And when I return, I will tell you all about it.

No computer goes with me on this trip, only my phone – for tunes and photos.  I will carry paper and pen and record my impressions the old fashioned way. I’ll look forward to sharing it all with you.  Should I get access to any internet caf├ęs, I may shoot out a few updates here and there.  Be on the lookout.  I will miss you all while I’m gone, but you will be with me in spirit. 

Have a sweet slip into the melancholic nostalgia of Autumn!  And enjoy the cool crisp mornings and evenings as Summer’s grip begins to loosen.  Ciao for now!