30 December, 2009

More sparkly windows ...

So, yesterday was supposed to be the day my dad and I finished cleaning my windows, but we were too full and sleepy after our hike through the botanical gardens and nature trail, which was, of course, followed by a lovely lunch at Panzanella. Yum. So, we finished the windows today. I now have a strong appreciation for why so many people have made the proclamation: I don't do windows! The work was awkward and filthy and surprisingly tiring. But, now that it's done, I can sit back and enjoy the wonderfully unstained views of my yard. (Which makes me even more aware of how much yardwork I need to do ...) All in due time, right? I also got my holiday decorations taken down and stored, as well as changed my HVAC filter. So, all in all, it's been a pretty productive day. Thanks, dad!

29 December, 2009

I can see clearly now ...

So, I'm starting a little early, as it's not yet january. But, I thought it would be alright to go ahead and start posting since I have a few days off to get some things done around the house without having clients or other work-related obligations going on. Yesterday, my dad came over in the afternoon to help me change out my window screens to storm windows. Since my little old house has minimal insulation, this was very necessary. There were only three windows that didn't already have the storm windows on them, so that part was pretty easy. However, I was quickly shamed by the realization that I don't think I've ever really cleaned the windows (inside and out) since I moved into this place. (Very naughty of me!) We were only able to finish the large double window in the living room, but it's absolutely amazing the difference that cleaning made. (Go figure, right?) The windows sparkle and the room has come alive under the crisp clarity of those shiny panes. No more cobwebs. No more yucky layers of filthy film to fog up the room. It's brilliant! So, today, after our hike, I think we're going to try to finish up the other windows. (We lost too much daylight to finish yesterday.) It's amazing what a little elbow grease and some Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day cleaning spray can do to liven up a room. I can't wait to wake up the rest of the house.

28 December, 2009


This is the beginning of my journey to domestic bliss. I will begin posting on a regular basis once the new year begins ... ack! that's in a few short days! I hope you will join me on this journey as I record my trials and errors in shaping a domestic existence that is fulfilling, creative, nourishing and rich with joy. See you in the new year!