03 December, 2013


I know I am long overdue for a proper post.  And, as always, I offer my apologies in its place. However, I thought I would send a quick update on what's been going on since my return from Spain.

First of all, Spain was amazing.  I still plan to write about it as soon as I get a moment to breathe.  I managed to do that thing I often do, which is not leave myself enough time to sit with one experience before diving into twelve others.  To be fair, though, I just didn't feel I had the luxury (or the nerve) to ask for more time away from work after so kindly being granted an entire month.  So, the busyness of life was waiting for me practically the moment the plane touched down in RDU.

I did learn some good lessons on my journey, and am working on putting them into play.  Part of forging this new path found me boldly making the decision to sublet my apartment and rent a swankier (read: more expensive) one.  It's definitely a good move, and I'll explain more about it later, but it means that I am now in the process of packing up my house and working tons to pay all the new deposits and such.  This holiday season will be a different kind of busy for me this year.  It is hard, definitely, but a necessary beginning, and I am glad to be doing it.  So, that is why, dear reader, it is taking me sooooo long to write about my trip. But write about it I will.  I hope you'll stay tuned ...

18 September, 2013

On the Verge

photo via: Historias Troyanas

I owe that I am seriously overdue in my writing.  I also confess that I have shamelessly allowed my resolve to dissolve over the past couple months.  There is so much that can happen in this busy-ness called Life that distracts and distorts all that is importantly true and truly important.  And I have been swallowing gallons of mundane minutiae and mania since last I took digits to keyboard. 

However, it’s all for good tale.  I have been working so hard (and so often) for the sake of that which is on the verge.  On the last day of this very month I leave for Spain with my Dad and one of his childhood pals to walk on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.  We’ll be gone a month walking and waking, talking and making new roads of our own as we reintroduce ourselves to ourselves and to each other.  My heart is so full for this adventure.  I am tying up my loose ends and preparing to disconnect from the world of ones and zeroes and reconnect to the world of blood and bones and breath.  I am ready to engage in the world community again in the way only the traveler can.  I am ready to spend some quality time with my Dad, affectionately known as The Dude.  (And, no, this is actually NOT a reference to The Big Lebowski.)  And when I return, I will tell you all about it.

No computer goes with me on this trip, only my phone – for tunes and photos.  I will carry paper and pen and record my impressions the old fashioned way. I’ll look forward to sharing it all with you.  Should I get access to any internet caf├ęs, I may shoot out a few updates here and there.  Be on the lookout.  I will miss you all while I’m gone, but you will be with me in spirit. 

Have a sweet slip into the melancholic nostalgia of Autumn!  And enjoy the cool crisp mornings and evenings as Summer’s grip begins to loosen.  Ciao for now!



02 July, 2013

Resolution Revamp: June's Progress ... Or Lack Thereof?

Here's the Resolution Revamp post for June.  I hope you enjoy reading it!


10 June, 2013

Resolution Revamp: May (a little late)

Hello!  My monthly guest blog post is (finally!) up at Resolution Revamp.  It's titled Springing Into Action!  Go here to check it out.  I hope you enjoy it!


(photo via 365nashville.com)

03 May, 2013

Inspiration and Germination

photo courtesy of www.singletripadvisor.com

For those of you who don’t know, I teach a yoga class on Friday mornings.  This class is very dear to me.  It was built up from literally nothing – no attendees – to the thriving, and sometimes overflowing, experience it is today.  We have become not just a class, but a community.  I must admit that I may learn more from the folks who attend than they do from me … though I do think there’s a fair exchange of information, inspiration and growth taking place. 

The most recent gift I received from this class came to me just last week.  A gentleman who had attended the class a handful of times waited afterwards to ask me to show him a few poses for some physical issues he'd been having.  As I was going through some asanas with him, we began to chat.  The next thing we knew we were sitting on our mats sharing the unfolding of a beautiful conversation about life, travel and passion.  Yes, it was one of those conversations.  The kind of conversation that reaches deep down inside and starts gently sweeping against the flint of dulled senses until a spark is ignited.  I could feel that spark beginning to warm me from the inside out.  It was delicious. 

We talked for an hour.  We talked primarily about our shared passions for getting out into the world and discovering meaning in life by sharing our gifts with others and delighting in gifts received.  Talking with this man reminded how much joy and inspiration I feel when I am on the road.  It also reminded me how easily I can allow my senses to grow dull and dusty as I settle into the mundane tasks of letting roots grow in any one place for too long.  The sleeping nomad was awakened, and now she is getting restless. 

The irony of this sweet and soulful exchange, was that this gentleman will no longer be attending my yoga class.  In fact, he left the country just this week.  He’s off living his adventure, and I am here blooming in the wake of his inspiration.  I am sad that I won’t get to talk with him face to face again soon, but am so very grateful for those few small moments that we did.   

Seeds were planted.  Ideas are germinating.  Plans are being researched.  Nothing is decided as yet, but I will keep you posted as this inspiration grows and takes shape.  We’ll see what it will grow into and how it will manifest.  I have a feeling it will be spectacular when it reaches full bloom.

Happy Season of Creation and Growth!

photo via http://doctorrenee.wordpress.com/



26 April, 2013

April: Birth and Rebirth

Here is April's Resolution Revamp post.  Hopefully as things settle I'll be posting more here on Experiments In Bliss.  Stay tuned.


27 March, 2013

March 2013

Click here for the Resolution Revamp entry for March.  Hope you enjoy it.  Happy Spring!

Anisette as March Hare

20 February, 2013

February 2013

Here's February's Resolution Revamp post!  Check it out!


It's all about Love.

26 January, 2013

January 2013

Happy 2013!  Yep, I've been a little slack in my posting of late, but I am aiming to remedy that as well as I can while still schooling and working and living.  As a means to help with that motivation, my good friend/genius of a human being, Erin, invited me to participate in a blog project called Resolution Revamp.  It's an attempt to keep us (and you, by proxy) actively pursuing ways to better our lives ... not just in January.  I posted my first blog entry over there, and I think it makes for a dandy experiment in bliss, as well.  Click here or on the link below if you'd like to read it.  And you can go ahead and follow Resolution Revamp while you're at it. I'm sure you'll find something helpful/entertaining/brilliant over there!  Thanks for reading!  And, as always, feel free to let me know if there are any experiments, in particular, that you'd like to see performed and documented here.  Inspiration is less easy to find when my schedule's so busy!

Thank you so much for continuing to follow me on this journey ... even, and especially, when the adventures lag.  Have a most wonderful, healthy, prosperous, joyful and spectacular 2013!