03 December, 2013


I know I am long overdue for a proper post.  And, as always, I offer my apologies in its place. However, I thought I would send a quick update on what's been going on since my return from Spain.

First of all, Spain was amazing.  I still plan to write about it as soon as I get a moment to breathe.  I managed to do that thing I often do, which is not leave myself enough time to sit with one experience before diving into twelve others.  To be fair, though, I just didn't feel I had the luxury (or the nerve) to ask for more time away from work after so kindly being granted an entire month.  So, the busyness of life was waiting for me practically the moment the plane touched down in RDU.

I did learn some good lessons on my journey, and am working on putting them into play.  Part of forging this new path found me boldly making the decision to sublet my apartment and rent a swankier (read: more expensive) one.  It's definitely a good move, and I'll explain more about it later, but it means that I am now in the process of packing up my house and working tons to pay all the new deposits and such.  This holiday season will be a different kind of busy for me this year.  It is hard, definitely, but a necessary beginning, and I am glad to be doing it.  So, that is why, dear reader, it is taking me sooooo long to write about my trip. But write about it I will.  I hope you'll stay tuned ...

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