06 December, 2010

Faith, Hope & Trick

So, I am inching ever nearer my move-in date. As of now, the furnace works, the plumbing plumbs, and the water heater heats water. As the repairman was finishing up his work on the furnace and water heater installation, he pointed out a little something that he noticed during his work. Turns out my kitchen faucet leaks. And it doesn't leak at the spout into the sink. It leaks at the base, so that the water then runs under the sink and drips down onto my baking pans (which would be the shelving had the pans not been there.) So ... I will need to replace my kitchen faucet before I can use it. Luckily, the plumbers put in individual shut-off valves for the faucets, so I am able to continue using the rest of the plumbing without causing water damage from this leak.

Other than that, I just need to repair the door latch and find some curtain hardware that will actually work in my rig, and I can move in for real! Hooray! I can't wait.

I am suspecting (and hoping) that the door latch will be relatively easy. I am also going to attempt to replace the faucet myself. I've done it before, and the repairman said I shouldn't have any problem doing it. I have to make another trip to beyond Greensboro to try to locate the appropriate curtain hardware. I had intended to go yesterday, but, lo and behold, it snowed! And here in the South, even! While it put an added delay on my moving, I couldn't really be too upset. I love the snow!

I am second guessing part of the slipcovers I commissioned for my cushions. I am going to see how much it will cost to have it changed. It is important to say, though, that this is no fault of the seamstress, but, rather, my not being able to see things pulled together until after they are created and in the space. I'll not go into too much detail on that now. Will reveal more once I hear back from the seamstress.

So, all in all, this labor of love is almost ready to embrace me back. Let's hope it doesn't smother me.


PS: 5 points to anyone who can decipher the reference of this entry's title. :)

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