23 May, 2011

One ... Two ... So Much To Do!

I know ... I know ... I am shamelessly overdue on this post. Apologies all around. It's been a very eventful time lately. Yes, even more than usual. I think rather than bore you with all the detailed tedium, I will just cap it all up for you: Sold my car last Friday. Sister and I made a madcap trip to Kentucky ... Friday night ... and back ... Saturday night ... during which we transported furniture and accessories from my grandfather's house. Spent the next several days trying to reset and replenish my sleep schedule. Finished ordering all my gear. Have received most of it. Packed my backpack to see if everything fits, and with my computer in my shoulder bag, I am good to go! (That's even considering the last of the gear that is to arrive.) Spent several days fretting about the fact that, despite an email confirmation, I had not yet been charged for my flight to Chiang Mai. (It finally went through yesterday, though. Yay!) Sent list of alternative therapists for my clients. Had my website updated with that information, also. (Thanks, Katy!) Took a CPR class to renew my certification. Started boxing up the remains of household "debris" in my camper, so I can prep her for storage/sale. Skyped with Mom and Dad. Made space (happily) in my schedule for last minute client appointments. And am making list after list to try to ensure that I get at least all the important stuff done before I leave for my trip in a week.
Whew! I got tired just recapping it all!

I also ordered a new house for little bunny Anisette. She is officially going to live with Sister, so I thought she should have a nicer habitat to make things easier on both of them. I ordered a Bunny Abode for her. I had already been given a second floor for one of these units a while back, so I only had to order the ground floor. (Thanks, again, Katy!) This should give Anisette LOTS of room to stretch out and run around, and, hopefully, to binky! (For those of you not in the know: Binkies are these spastic little hops that bunnies do when they are feeling especially happy. It's cute as buttons to witness!) We are still awaiting the arrival of the abode, but once it's set up, I'll try to take some photos and get them on here.

I did discover something annoying last week, too. When I called to cancel my car insurance after selling Marsha Mellow, I was told that the policy for my house had never been canceled. I'm not sure how this snafu happened. I thought I had taken care of it already, but apparently I was erroneous. So, now I am in the midst of a flurry of paperwork shuffling between my email account, and the email account of an insurance agent named Bob. Bob's got to perform some kind of sacrificial rituals in order to retroactivate the cancelation of the house policy to the date the house was sold, recreate the policy for the car, and then cancel it retroactively to the date it was sold. He's a Magic Man, that Bob. I hope he works quickly. I really do not want this hanging over me after I hit the road.

I have been emailing with the woman at The Village in Pohnpei. There is no promise of a job, but I feel good about already creating some buzz about my arrival and my desire to work while I'm there. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens when I get there.

I suppose that is the quick update for you all. Unfortunately, the quick update is all I have time for right now. Will try to touch base again before my flight on Memorial Day. Until then ... enjoy yourselves!

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