24 July, 2011

I'm baaaacckk.

Well, thanks to several of you expressing disappointment in the blog's hiatus, I have decided to resume with my writing. Of course, this also makes me happy since I was miserable not writing. I will, however, try to be careful to censor myself more than before. Please bear with me as I work on instilling filters for my thoughts. Those of you who know me know that I am not very good at filtering.

So, perk up your ears (er, eyes) and get ready for more entries to come. And THANK YOU to everyone who sent me such kind words during the hiatus. You all rock.


  1. good! glad to hear this news, however there is absolutely NO need to filter you. You aren't bad water that will harm us? love you woman!

  2. glad yr back-- didn't want to get up in your business, but i do like getting up in yr writing. always interesting, always digging, always melanie. love you, jedge