14 October, 2010

New Big News!

Okay, so the new big news is that my house is under contract! I am trying very hard to remain respectfully calm during this process, though, I must admit, it is exciting. So far, I received an offer from the buyers, and we successfully negotiated a mutually acceptable price and terms. Now, the buyers have until the 25th to arrange for all of the inspections, after which I will have five days to determine what, if anything, I am willing to fix. Assuming there are no big unforeseen surprises that show up on the inspection, I think all should be fine here. That being true, we are set to close on November 12, I believe. So, I am going to have to get on the ball about looking at airstreams. (This would be a whole lot easier if I was able to get online at home, but I will have to be proactive and get myself to the library and/or the coffee shop more often!) So, that's the low down for those of you who are interested. Please continue to send positive vibes that the sale goes through smoothly, and that the inspection reports do, too. Thanks!


  1. I hope it all goes well. Selling a home can be a nerve wracking game of wait, hurry, wait, hurry.

  2. Exciting stuff Mel! I really hope all goes well and would love to hear about the next step...maybe we can phone it?