04 November, 2010

Bumbling Through Wonderland

So, am still under contract and trying to hash out all of the "wills" and "won'ts" with the prospective buyers. I realize that buying a house - whether a primary residential or an investment property - is a large purchase, and should be analyzed from all practical angles before being committed to purchase. However, even despite that appreciation, I feel these buyers are being excessively nitpicky. But the really stressful part of all of it is that I can no longer trust my realtor to accurately and effectively represent me and my best interests, so I am having to be extra diligent in paying attention to all of the proceedings and correspondences between all parties, even having had to rewrite the repair request reply to the buyers since my realtor's version of the letter was appallingly unprofessional and embarrassingly weakened my stance within the power balance. (Sorry for the really long sentence.) This whole business is really causing me undue amounts of stress and my body is really starting to feel the weight of so much discomfort. However, I am choosing to look upon all of this ridiculousness as a positive opportunity for growth and learning. I am still sure of my decision to sell, but will also be fine if I am not able to sell right now. So, I guess, either way, whatever happens, it will be for the best, and I will accept it as such. Still, I am really ready for this chapter to come to a close, so please, if you have any charms to spare, continue to send them my way for a speedy and beneficial completion of this transaction. Thanks!

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