24 November, 2010

Rosy the Argosy

Are you ready?

Wait for it ....

Wait for it ....

Okay ... I am the happy owner of a 1977 Argosy travel trailer! Yay! It's parked in a temporary-ish spot at Spring Hill RV park. (Temporary-ish because they worked some things around to be able to accommodate me when I needed to be accommodated, so it's not a premium spot. As soon as another one opens, I have the option of claiming it.) I've been spending all week trying to get my belongings situated into my tiny new digs. I'm also taking this time to get some of the more imperative repairs taken care of. For instance, it turns out that there is a leak in the copper pipe plumbing, so I can't use the water until that is repaired. (The plumber comes tomorrow.) The water heater was repaired today. It only needed a new pilot assembly. The furnace has been (painstakingly) removed (NOT by me) and will be cleaned up to see if that is all it needs to work properly again. If not, then I'll have to procure a used (hopefully) furnace to replace it. (Cross your fingers that a good cleaning will do the job, please.) On a positive note, it seems the oven and refrigerator are in great condition and should last for some time as long as I treat them respectfully.

I've chosen my decorating palette and the fabrics that I will use for the upholstery and curtains. Now I just have to get the hardware for the curtains and then make the curtains. I have left a message with a local upholstery guy that has a high reputation at the RV park. Hopefully, he can get my seat cushion covers sewn up nicely for me in a hurry. While my little Rosy is far from being perfect, I am in love with her already. Being in this camper just feels good. She has ... yes ... a good vibe. There, I said it. And it's absolutely true. And it was even true before Jenn and I smudged her with sage.

The folks at Spring Hill RV Park are fantastic. I don't think I could have chosen a better place for my new home. They have taken me under their wings and are making sure I learn how to use my camper properly. They are hooking me up with repair people and even helping me with a few minor repairs themselves. They drop by when they see me out there just to see how I'm doing. I feel so fortunate to have such kind and generous neighbors at my new home. It was hard to leave my old neighbors - who are amazing people - but it's a little less hard when surrounding myself with such good new neighbors. Hooray!

I will be very glad to get the essentials set up so that I can actually start living in my little camper. For now, I'm spending most of my daylight hours at the camper (when I'm not with clients), and then coming back to Jenn's to catch up on my list of To-Do's and sleep. I'm exhausted ... still ... and getting more so every day. But it's all to a good end. I'll post up some photos as soon as I can get some taken.

If I don't get to post again before Thursday, I'll wish you all a happy, warm and wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. Ciao!

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