01 April, 2011

Another Update 3.31.11

My parents have arrived safely in Pohnpei (Ponape), FSM (Federated States of Micronesia). I can breathe easily again. Actually, it would be more accurate to state that I can breathe more easily now. I must confess that I have been only barely maintaining myself since my last post. We had to put our family dog, Sparky (aka: Sparkles), to sleep last week. We knew the time for his departure was fast approaching, but it became immediate when he began bleeding inexplicably. He was such a good doggie, and brightened so many of our days. He will be sorely missed. That marked yet another big loss for our family. All of this grief has been almost unbearable, but we have managed to keep ourselves so distracted with the preparations for my parents' move, that it has allowed us to just keep trodding.

I have noticed, for myself, that I have been letting my health and personal maintenance take a backseat during all of this processing. And this is probably the worst thing I could be doing under these extreme circumstances. I have not been exercising for a couple weeks. My diet has been crap. And I've been giving in to sugar cravings. My sleep schedule is so interrupted that I am tired all the time. And my acupuncturist told me that she is convinced my candidiasis is flaring up again. Good times. Of course, by "good times" I really mean "this is terrible, and I must start doing something about it immediately." I did manage to sleep for twelve and a half hours last night, so I am hoping that will allow the healing to begin.

As far as progress goes ... in my last post I mentioned my plans for getting back on track with my outlined goals for completing projects pre-trip. Well, I haven't stayed on target due to the aforementioned upsets. But! I have gotten some good work done. I have finished sorting through my storage units and my camper, and am ready to start organizing a sale of all of the items I will no longer be needing. I also replaced all the burned out bulbs in the camper, and installed the new bathroom flooring. My sister helped me with do that, and we repaired the galley table. Only a few more small repairs and I'll have this baby on the market. I am hoping to do most of the remaining work this weekend since the weather is supposed to be dry and warmer. I also received a little money from my mom via her share of my grandfather's will. I am going to use that to procure a good HD camcorder. I am, admittedly, nervous about choosing a camera, since I'm still unsure of what I am going to want in a camera, but some friends have given me some pointers, so I will do the best I can. I am hoping to record an updated video tour of Rosy soon so that you all can see the repairs and get a better look at her without all the clutter that used to be clogging up her insides.

Other than that, I am hoping to get back to being more active. My mood seems to be intricately and intensely affected by how much or how little exercise I get. It's a catch-22 loop, really: The more I exercise, the better I feel, the more I want to exercise; the less I exercise, the worse I feel, the harder it is to motivate myself to exercise. I'm hoping a return to warm Spring weather will help with the motivation.

My birthday is coming up soon ... on Monday, in fact. I had hopes of having a celebration, but I'm realizing that I have no idea what to do, and have waited too long to really be able to expect anyone to be available on such short notice. I may try to do something anyway, but am not sure what. I guess we'll see what happens, and how I feel. I really miss my parents.

Oh well, enough of that melancholy! I'm off to have lunch, then to take a yoga class. Let's get this body back in motion!

Thanks to all of you who sent good mojo out to my folks during their transit. You are rockstars ... all of you. Have a fantastic weekend!

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