24 April, 2011

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There is much to write this entry. I hope I don't forget anything, so I most assuredly will. I have tried to jot little notes to myself as I think of things I need to document in this journal. It's such a bummer to not be able to type it all out as it comes to me. But, then, I am a child of the NOW generation. We were born into the Cult of Convenience, and as such have taken vows of Impatience and Immediacy and Id. Hmmm. I digress ...

I had a yard sale this weekend past. (Yes, another one. And how I could still have so much stuff covering a lawn is really just beyond me. It shames me. But, I rally in the knowledge that most of it is gone now.) The sale was supposed to be on Saturday, but due to the impending rain storm (and tornadoes!) we had to postpone it to Sunday. Now, Sunday is traditionally not a very good day for a yard sale ... especially here in the Bible Belt USA. We tried to adjust our timing so that churchgoers would still be able to stop by. But, in the end, we didn't get too much traffic. The traffic we did get was top quality, though - several friends and neighbors who were happy to support our efforts and take our good stuff at cheap prices. That said, this was a pretty good yard sale as far as wares were concerned. Most of this stuff was what had made it through all the other rounds of "Keep or Heap". This was some mint swag. And in the process of trying to sell it all, I found myself facing some [more] uncomfortable demons. You are probably familiar with these demons, in fact. Their names are Smeagol and Gollum. That's right. Whenever I would set some beautiful, shiny trinket out to sell, old Gollum would suddenly seize upon it with a lusty, "My Precious! We can't sells the Precious!" Then Smeagol would chime in to kindly remind me that this object has been with us forever - we define ourselves by ownership of this object, and we wants it. Then I would suddenly find the presence of mind to release the object, thus releasing it's torrid spell on me. This internal battle would rage for what seemed like years in my head and heart, but really only passed for a moment or two. And it happened with almost every object out there. Argh. What a workout! Still, I made it to the end of the sale. What didn't sell either got donated or ended up on craigslist. Despite all the gut-wrenching back and forth, it did feel so much better to be released of the burden of all that stuff. (You would think I would have learned this by now, but I seem to have to go through the grabby phase every time. Maybe one day I will be totally free.)

So, in an effort to release the last few objects, here are the links to the stuff on craigslist:

Saddle Oxford Shoes
Le Creuset Dutch Oven
Le Creuset Canister
Retro Telephone
Mac Laptop Computer
Japanese Folding Picnic Table
Vintage Peeptoe Crocodile Pumps
Vintage Bacon Press

There. If any of the above piques your interest ... or your inner Gollum ... give me a shout.

In other exciting news, I finished all my work on Rosy, and she has been posted online, too. She is officially For Sale! Here are a few of her online ads. Feel free to pass them on to potential buyers!


She's turned out quite nicely, I think. Toot! Toot! (That was me tooting my horn. I hope you'll excuse me.) My hope, now, is that she will sell quickly and easily so that I can get on to planning my trip!

I have been so productive since Mercury went Retrograde. It's ironic and unusual, but I'm digging it. Wonder what will happen when it goes direct again? (Does that happen today? I think it does!) I even managed to get my personal training test on the books. Though, sadly, it had to be scheduled for later than I had hoped due to the untimely expiration of my CPR certification. That class has also been scheduled. All should be finished by the last week of May. I'm also down to one storage unit now. Well, it officially happens at the end of this month, but any stuff in there is going to be gone very soon. So, somehow, I managed to get back on track with all of those monthly goals I set for myself in January. Bully for me! And thanks to all the Universal mojo that has helped me get it all done. (Yes, that includes help from people, too. Thanks to those who have helped me do this much. You know who you are.)

In the midst of all this progress, I have managed to have a little fun, too. Sister and I went to see the movie, Your Highness a couple weeks ago. It was hilarious! We giggled and snickered our whole way through the film. It should be noted, however, that we both have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy. If you do, as well, I strongly suggest you go see it immediately. Plus, there's eye candy for everyone in this film. (James Franco? Natalie Portman? Hello?) Then, this week, we had a Dinner With Andre at the Herons restaurant at The Umstead Hotel & Spa in Cary. Now, I know you don't know what I mean by Dinner With Andre. And no, I am not speaking of the film of the same name. A friend of mine has very graciously made an occasional habit of taking myself, my sister and my friend to dinner at some of the nicer eateries in the area. It's a chance for all of us to get together, catch up, spend good time with good friends, good food, good drink. ("Andre", if you are reading this, you rock the party live. Thank you.) Anyway, it was a lovely dinner, and, as always, was a fun evening spent in the company of people I love. Yay!

Got to talk with mom and dad quite a bit this past couple weeks. There were a couple of family video chats on Skype, as well as emails and chats with dad online. They are doing so well on the island. They now have a house and a car. They say the car is very weird looking, so it fits our family well. Dad got a haircut the other day. Mom is trying to adjust to the humidity. (Well, I imagine they both are.) They have made some really nice friends, too. I am so happy for them, and I can barely wait to get there to visit with them. Soon. Soon.

That's really all I can muster to write about today. As I said above, I am sure I am forgetting something, but, whatever it is will have to wait until another entry. Have a warm and wonderful Easter weekend, should you choose to celebrate it or not. Cheers!

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