03 September, 2012

holiday weekend and an update

I realize it’s been an inexcusably long time since I’ve written.  But I’m going to excuse myself nonetheless.  I do apologize for my tardiness, and only offer up some seriously lacking time management on my part as explanation.  I hope you’ll forgive me.

In the time since I last wrote, so much has happened! 

The most notable is that I started school.  You may recall that earlier this summer I made the decision to go back to school for esthetics training.  I am now one month into the program, and I’m happy to report that I absolutely love it.  I love what I’m learning.  I have a lovely instructor and a fantastic group of classmates.  I am so happy that our class is not only small, but also very diverse.  We each bring something completely unique to the learning experience and it seems to be working beautifully so far.  If I had any reservations about this decision, they have all been quelled.  So far, we’ve learned hand treatments, mini facials, and facial waxing.  We’ve also begun practicing makeup application and applying facial masks.  We spent a little time on life skills and time management (yes, I’m working on it), and a lot of time on sanitation practices in the esthetics workplace.  Fun, fun, fun!  Our clinic opens to actual customers in a couple weeks.  I’ll keep you posted, or if you want to experience it for yourself, let me know and I’ll get you hooked up. 

Since school began, I have had time for very little else other than class and work.  I get up at 4:45a most mornings.  Yoga practice every day and calisthenics/cardio work about four days a week.  I have had some health issues the past week and a half that have been keeping me from the workout, but I am trying to figure that out so I can jump right back into the groove.  Otherwise, just trying to get adjusted to this very new schedule and to get as much sleep as possible. 

I did manage to get out of town this [Labor Day] weekend for a friend’s wedding in the mountains.  Sister went with me, and we had a grand time touring through NC and Tennessee.  The wedding was in Erwin, TN, which is just across the NC border. The ceremony was followed by a back yard reception and cabaret in historic downtown Erwin.  A buffet spread of good Southern barbecue and tasty Venezuelan dishes kept everyone fed and happy.  Then, with full bellies and bevvies in hand, we sat back in our chairs to enjoy the show as various friends and family performed for the bride and groom.  With so much talent under that tent, we couldn’t help but enjoy ourselves out there under the trees.  Thanks to Robert and Camalge for inviting us to celebrate their nuptials.  Buena suerte a ustedes! 

So, now the weekend fun is over, and I’ll be spending tomorrow recovering and studying for my upcoming test.  I hope you had a fun and festive holiday weekend, as well.  Happy Labor Day!



PS:  I don't know how to layout my photos, so apologies for the boring 'one after another' situation below.

the happy couple 

check out the spread!  so delicious!

performers take to the stage ...

and party-goers take to the dance floor!

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