11 September, 2012


Growth is happening – within and around me.  I can feel it stirring and whirring and burrowing under my skin, into my sinews and sucking my marrow.  I’m transforming.  It’s happening now.  Yes, right now.  Do you feel it, too?  My inky early mornings still find me dragging this bag of bones to the mat. Some days begrudgingly, some days joyously, most days both, as I practice the art of opening my Self, my soul, my joints, my hamstrings.  I am practicing being me.  I am practicing shifts in perspective.  I am practicing love.  And truth.  And beauty.  And freedom. 

bakasana - crow pose
It feels good.

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  1. awesome melanie-- i like the haiku & staccatto beat of yr language. the essential meanings are presented well, tightly. the stuff of the language is inspiring, good feeling. good work and awesome picture and thanks. off for some surya namaskarzzz in the studio... love and peace & keep breathing into the movement. j.edge