23 January, 2011

News From the Park

I realize it has been a while since I last wrote. I also realize that when I last wrote I dropped a pretty big bomb. Very unfair of me. So sorry about that. As you might imagine, plans are being made and executed and revised like mad within my immediate family unit right now, so it's been a little hectic amidst all the excitement.

As of right now, my father's start date for his new job is my birthday, April 4. (A very auspicious sign, if you ask me.) That means that he and mom are planning to leave for Micronesia in mid March sometime. They are, however, possibly going to try to move that date back a bit. (Though I am not really sure if, and/or when, they'll do that.) All things staying the same, that would put me leaving for the islands no earlier than June. While I am ready to hop on a plane right now, that does give me time to get my duckies in a row before I go. Here's my plan [so far]:

First, I'm trying to get all my tax information together so I can get that to my accountant, and, then, to the IRS. I really don't want to have to scramble (like usual) to deal with this stuff around my birthday. Yuck. Second, I am going to study the personal trainer materials that I ordered late last year, so that I can take the test, and, hopefully, become a certified personal trainer before I go. I'm in a great position to do this, since the YMCA has agreed to pay for my testing. Third, I am going to get an HD Camcorder and take the New York Video School courses so that I can become proficient enough at producing quality videos to professionally (semi-professionally?) document my travel adventures. (This last goal was suggested by a friend who does video professionally. She is a great supporter of my adventure. Thanks, CL!) In addition to all of this, I am also trying to get myself healthier and fitter. I'm changing my eating habits and working out regularly. (I've been inspiring myself with episodes of Survivor Palau and Lost.) Lastly, well, coincidentally, I guess, I am going to try to finish putting the last touches to the camper. I think I have decided to try to sell her before I go.

Yes, you read that correctly. And, yes, I know it sounds a little crazy .. especially after all I've gone through to make her habitable. But, while I love Rosy, and really enjoy living in this tiny space, I'm starting to have some of those same feelings I had in my house. Those feelings of being trapped by the responsibility of owning something significant. It's like an albatross about my neck that makes it more difficult for me to take off and fly away. So, my theory is this: If I am meant to sell it, I will find a buyer, and, if not, I will store Rosy as originally planned. I doubt that I will get from it as much money as I invested, but as long as I can get a decent amount back, I'll be happy. So ... if you know anyone who might be interested in a beautiful vintage (restored!) camper, send them my way. (Though I'll not be selling until closer to my leave date, as I will need some place to live until then.)

So, that's the news from Spring Hill RV Park. Well, at least, that's the news from my little lot. As always, I'm happy to hear your thoughts on my plans. Have a great week!

PS: I am still hoping to have some photos for you soon. I've been trying to wait until I get the curtains made, but that seems to be taking longer than I had planned. I get to working ...

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