07 February, 2011

Sick Days, Studies, and Shoot 'Em Ups

Well, the plans are progressing along nicely. It's been a challenging past couple weeks, but all is still in good shape. The biggest unexpected challenge was the illness that landed me in bed for an entire week last week. I haven't been in such a state in years! In fact, I cannot even remember a time when I was rendered useless for so long at once. But, I feel like it was necessary, in some way, to release the demons lurking within. It's as if I'm continually rebirthing in preparation for this next new phase of my life. It may be difficult, but it feels so very worth it and so very exactly as it should be. I did manage to get all my tax information to my accountant by my stipulated deadline. That was good. And I'm getting enough of a refund to take care of most of my estimated taxes for the coming year, so that all worked out quite nicely. (And a big shout out to my amazing accountant! Woo Hoo!) I'm now working on the studying and preparing for my personal training certification test. I am happy to do it, and I always enjoy learning about the body and its many amazing mechanisms, but I do rue the fact that this book I have to study is so poorly written. And so much of the information I have to learn is really unnecessary and tedious, which makes it hard for me to get excited about my studies. Oh well. I will do them anyway, and, if I stay on track, it will all be over by month's end. It will be nice to get that test behind me, and to be able to start getting some real experience with this new aspect of bodywork before my travels begin.

One really fun thing that happened recently was the handgun class that my dad and sister and I took this past Friday night. We first had the introductory safety and informational lecture regarding handguns. This was interesting in itself. But, it got really fun after the lecture when we all went into the shooting range to practice firing the guns. We got to practice with a variety of 9 millimeters and revolvers (including a 357 magnum and a sweet little 38 special, which I especially liked.) I had such a great time, and was happy to discover that I am a pretty decent shot with a handgun. I felt just like Lara Croft, but without the skin tight outfit, perfectly coiffed hair and cutting edge techie toys. I hope to get out to the firing range again soon to do some more practicing. (If any of you are interested in joining me, just let me know. I'd love some company!)

Spending so much time in bed lately has allowed me to start doing some research on my travel plans. I am still only in the beginning stages of planning, but it already is making the plan seem so much more real. I can now really start to see things coming together. It's as if it is no longer a remote fantasy, but is cementing into a definite reality. And the more planning I do, the less opportunity I will have to chicken out. I am also trying to arrange my travels with the idea of getting some professional training along the way. Already I have found a great massage school in Chiang Mai, Thailand that specializes in teaching Nuad Boran (Thai massage). They teach in English, and are accredited by the NCBTMB, which means that the hours of training will count toward my licensure requirements. I've also found a couple of places within walking distance of the school where I could stay on a monthly basis for a very affordable price. Things are really starting to take shape. Next, I'm going to try to find a good massage school in Bali where I can learn traditional Balinese healing techniques. Then more research after that to try to figure out the best months to go to each of the places I'd like to visit. (This, of course, leads to an almost never-ending list of places I want to visit, and quandaries of how many I should try to see this first trip, or if this first trip will even have a finite destination at all.) So, if you have any recommendations of places you think I should definitely see on this trip - especially places around the area of Micronesia, then I would love to hear about them. I'm also planning to do research on special events or celebrations or landmarks that would be worth seeing while I'm journeying. I'm having a sneaking suspicion that I may just end up like Rita Golden Gelman, the famous Female Nomad. I mean, really, who needs a home with so much world to explore?

On a final note ... I would be so happy to share my travels with friends. If any of you would like to arrange to share a certain leg of my travels with me at any time, please let me know. I am hoping to make a general plan of where I'd like to go, with the firm expectation that I will throw that plan to the wind the moment an interesting alternative arises. A meet up with a sister or fellow traveler would definitely qualify on this count. So .. hollah if you wanna meet up and explore somewhere together!

Well, that's all I have time for tonight. More to come soon, I hope. Have a very pleasant evening!

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