20 February, 2011

Pins and Needles and Bodies in Motion

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful! 76 degrees and sunny! I am so ready for full-time Spring. I had a great day. After teaching my yoga class at the YMCA, I stayed to do my toning and stretching workouts. Then I went to the East Campus (Duke) loop for a jog in the delicious weather. As I was getting in the car following the jog, I received a voice mail from the acupuncturist's office letting me know that there was a cancelation. I would not have to wait another two weeks for my appointment, after all! So, I went home, tidied myself up, ran a few errands, and arrived at the acupuncturist's office. I hadn't realized it until I called to make the appointment, but I hadn't been to see her since 2007. Crazy. It was so wonderful to be back there. Toby Helmstetter is my acupuncturist. She is one of the founders of Triangle Acupuncture Clinic. She is brilliant ... a true healer. And she's really approachable and down to earth, so it's very easy for me to open up to her about things that might be going on in my body. I absolutely adore her. (If you are looking for an acupuncturist in the Triangle (NC) area, you should definitely contact her. She has offices in Chapel Hill and Cary. www.triangleacupunctureclinic.com) My appointment was lovely, as always. Toby was so supportive of the life changes I'm making, and she even commented on how my spirit seemed totally changed (in a positive way). We did a treatment to help support the detoxifying process that my body is undergoing, with some added points for opening the sinuses and sense orifices and points for nurturing and aiding in transformational processes. It felt great. It's always so relaxing for me to receive acupuncture work.

After my appointment I was supposed to go to my friend's house for a girl's night. I drove out to Durham, and knocked on the door, only to discover that she was sick and had canceled. (Apparently, she sent an email earlier in the day, but I hadn't been home to check my email.) So, I drove back home, had my dinner, did some personal training studying, and went to bed pretty early.

OH! That reminds me: Toby said that my lucid dreaming is likely part of my detoxification process, which makes sense considering I've been dreaming a lot about past people and events, and breaking away from those. Although, last night, among the dream of being in school with some of the girls from my [actual] high school experience, James Franco made a cameo appearance. It was dreamy (pun not intended). Unfortunately, his cameo was a little more fleeting than I would have liked. But, at least he showed up at all! That was certainly a pleasant treat. Mr. Franco, should you ever read this: You are welcome in my dreams ANYTIME!

That's all to report for now. I'm off to do more studying. I've gotten a little bit behind, and plan to spend today doing lots of catch up. Hope you enjoy your Saturday!

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