17 February, 2011

Here's The Video!

Once again, I'd like to remind you to please not make any harsh judgments on the poor quality of this video. Think of it as the rough cut ... the VERY rushed spur-of-the-moment rough cut. (Ms. Lowe: I'm talking to you ... please don't judge my abilities on this one example!) And, as always, I appreciate any comments/feedback. Enjoy!


  1. I really do apologize for my boring monotone. I'm still a little stuffy, and I wasn't really in top tour guide mode. Ugh.

  2. Thanks, Michael! (You should come see her in person sometime before I go.)
    And a BIG THANKS to Katy for helping me get the video up and running. Katy: You rock!

  3. So glad you got it up! Fantastic!