17 March, 2010

Fatigued and Restless

I don't remember ever being a big fan of Daylight Savings Time. I mean, I 've been known to be excited to have the sunshine still out at 8pm, but, as a concept, I think Daylight Savings Time is absolutely ridiculous. This feeling is compounded by the fact that twice every year, when the government passes down the brilliant idea of changing our clocks to try to manipulate the natural course of things, I end up physically paying the price for a couple weeks. The abrupt change in schedules and routines leaves me feeling exhausted, fatigued and totally wonky ... physically and mentally. Add these feelings to my current state of emotion soup, and you might be able to imagine the adventure my life is right now. Just getting out of bed at a decent hour feels akin to climbing great volcanic heights.

But, despite this almost unbearable fatigue, I've also been nursing a growing restlessness to get on the ball and try to pick up the pace on my plans to sell everything and become mobile. To that end, I've been posting more furniture online - craigslist, for now - and opened an ebay account. I posted my collection of Domino magazines on ebay last night. (It was the only complete collection being offered, so I hope it sells quickly.)

Today, I've got two different folks coming by to pick up my vintage Peugeot road bike, and my hammock, respectively. Last night, I sold the rain barrel. The night before that, I sold a garden bench. All good stuff ... good momentum towards my goal. And today, I'm going to start posting my shoes on ebay, (the good ones, anyway).

Less than two full weeks to the yard sale. After that, I think things will really start moving. Even if I have more to sell, I may put everything in a storage unit to sell from there so I can start working on the house repairs to get it ready for market as soon as possible. The daffodils and crocuses are blooming in the yard now, and the azaleas will soon follow. Would be nice to have as much in bloom as posssble for market.

All in good time. I'm just hoping my good time is short time.

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