11 March, 2010

Update: 10 march 2010

So, I'm still working on clearing things out for sale. I have set the date of my [first] yard sale for Saturday, 27 march, so I've got a couple weeks left to finish sorting things. With the beautiful Spring-ish weather this weekend I was able to tidy up the front, side and back yards, and I even got into the garage for a bit of clearing. Much of what's out there is out there because it's to be eliminated, but it was good to take an inventory of it. The main space I have left to tackle is the wash room. It's a small space, but boy is it cluttered with crap. I'm not especially looking forward to the task, but I'm definitely looking forward to having it finished.

My dad and I went to our first RV dealership yesterday just to see what we could see. I was a bit nervous when our sales rep told us to come into his office before we could ask him questions, but he turned out to be quite helpful, and he wasn't "salesy" at all. I imagine that was largely due to the fact that I told him repeatedly that I am looking for an older model small rig, which is not generally a big ticket item. However, it was nice to be able to ask him questions and see some of the newer models of rigsand their features. It was also nice that seeing the nice new fancy models continued to confirm my desire for something smaller and older. (Thank goodness I have cheap taste.)

Before the yard sale, I'm going to try to plan a sort of boutique sale for my clothes, shoes and accessories. I'm thinking of making it a sort of "Let's Make a Deal" style of fundraiser where my friends can shop what I have, choose what they want, and make me an offer for it. Then, I will have the option of accepting, refusing or countering their offer as I see fit. I think it will work out well, if I can frame it right. I mean, I want my friends to be happy and to get a good deal, and I'm sure they'll want be able to support me in my efforts to make this lifestyle change happen, so I see it as a win-win.

I'm still struggling with the emotional fall out of all these changes, as well as the physical shifts from the dietary changes. I've been noticing how much I rely on sugar to provide a sense of comfort and nurturing. But, I'm trying to hang in there and keep a positive attitude. I've been negligent in my fitness routine planning. It's almost finished, but I put it aside, and then have been having a hard time coming back to it. I did, however, get some good exercise from all the yard work I did, so I'm calling it a wash, and am motivating myself to get a fitness plan together by this weekend so I can implement it come Monday.

That's my update for today. I'll keep you posted on how the sales go. Ciao!

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