15 March, 2010

Momentum and Release

This weekend I got inspired by the beautiful warm weather. I could feel my body practically aching to get outside. This also seemed the perfect time to begin acclimating my body to some of the physical challenges I'm hoping to create in my new life. As I mentioned in earlier posts, it is my goal to try to get my body into a much more efficient and fit shape so that I might be ready for any opportunity for adventure that should present itself. And, in that spirit, I chose to start walking this weekend. I realize that might sound a little anti-climactic, but it's not as small a step as it sounds. I chose to walk everywhere I went this weekend with the exception of the grocery store when I had to buy the week's worth of food for me and Charlie. I walked to the pool hall Friday night to meet my friends. I walked to the farmers' market Saturday morning with my friends. I walked to work on Saturday night (and got caught in the rain on the way there). It's been great. I love how walking a town can give such a personal experience of its landmarks and its people. I am planning to continue to use my feet and not my car as often as I can. I even hope to start walking to the grocery with my wagon in tow. So, I'm picking up momentum on my fitness plan. The diet is still going pretty well, though I am definitely wrestling with cravings. And I'm hoping to begin more goal-specific calisthenics this week. So, that part of my plans is going smoothly. Yay!

On a melancholy note: Blanca bunny is going to her new home today. My friend from high school is coming this afternoon to pick her up and take her to his neighbors' where she will find her new family. I know it's the right thing to do for her. And I truly believe she will be happier there, but in this past couple weeks, we have actually started to bond. I cleaned her house this morning, and cut her nails and held her and sang to her and tried to explain what was about to happen. She just looked up at me with those big, sweet eyes, and seemed to be telling me "I trust you, and I love you, too." Of course, I wept. And have been weeping on and off since that moment. And will probably weep some more. But such is the grief of release in these instances, and I will relish the sorrow as the price for affording Blanca's happiness, and doing what's best for her.

That's all I've to report right now. Happy Daylight Savings Sunday, everyone, and may you adjust to the time change smoothly.

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