20 August, 2010

Almost There!

So, in the past few days, with the help of my devoted Dad, I managed to make screens for the storm doors, repair all the door locks and strike plates so that the doors all now open and close and lock and unlock easily and consistently, repaired the hinge of one of the storm doors, got the paint spots off the floors, put plants in hanging planters and in the ground, checked all the spare keys, cut up the fallen tree branches, washed all the gutters clean, mulched the gardens, and maybe even did a few other things that are escaping my memory right now. It's been a whirlwind. I've got some repair folks coming to the house on Tuesday afternoon to give me an estimate on fixing the window grid slats. And with the exception of a few more minor details, the house, she is a-ready. I'll try to get the realtor to come out Monday with a sign for the yard. Whew! I can't believe the time's practically here. It has been so long coming. And I am so exhausted. And I am sure my Dad is so exhausted, too. So, that's the latest update. Keep your eyes on the streets ... you might see me dancing by when that sign's finally landed in my yard!

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