04 August, 2010

Tra La La ...

I am seeing progress. I am trying to focus on how nice it looks rather than on how the things that still need to be done are sharpened by the contrast. It seems I'm in a strange limbo place right now where the good stuff and the challenging stuff are going head to head in a heated race. My car just got a flat tire. And it's not just a little flat ... it's ripped to shreds flat. I knew it was going to need to be replaced sometime soon. I did not, however, realize that it would up and explode on me in such a murderous fashion. Thankfully it was not a really dramatic blow out while I was driving. I managed to lose a hubcap in the process somehow, too. No telling where that is now. So, my client roster has been sparse, to say the least, and my savings for the house repairs is almost all gone. And, now, I have to replace a tire. Oh, and I'm due for an oil change, too. Good times.

Still, I am remaining oddly positive. I am feeling a little anxious and slightly nervous and stressed out, but not at all so much neurotic as I would normally be in a situation like this, so I consider it all as a confirmation of my still being on the right path. Hooray for a good attitude.

I've still been exercising. It's hard, but it feels great, too. And I've been getting outside more, which really does wonders for my outlook, I think.

I got out and worked in the gardens last weekend - taking advantage of the cooler weather. Transplanted some of the plants that got scorched by the heat, and got a few flowery annuals for some planters in the front. Will still need to get some more color for the front, but it's looking pretty good, if I say so myself.

Still have to paint the kitchen and bathroom. Then I'll need to replace the threshold in the washroom, repair the doorknob to the porch door, find replacement screens for the screen doors, address the lights in the wash room (that just stopped working for some unknown reason), and tidy up the garden. Then she'll be ready for a shiny "for sale" sign in the front, and I will be able to relax ... sort of. Wish me luck!

Post Script: Should any of you want to come help me paint the kitchen and the loo, please let me know. Your help would be most happily and greedily accepted!

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