12 August, 2010

It's Really, Really True!

Today, I finished painting. That's right, the painting is done. With the ever generous help of my parents, and my productive fit of insomnia last night, I have finally managed to complete all the painting projects required to put my house on the market. Let me just tell you that you can really have no idea how marvelous it feels to have that behind me now. It's as if the small, wilted essence of my Self has suddenly begun to feel sunlight again. Hope is alive, my friends. And I am saluting her with a mighty, goofy grin.

So, here's a list of the remaining projects:

*repair the living room doorknob
*replace the wash room threshold
*tidy up the landscaping (weeding, pruning, planting, mowing, and mulching)
*remove the huge pile of dead branches from the back yard to the dump
*replace screens in storm doors
*repair the cracks in the living room walls ... again
*tidy the garage
*sort and label all house keys
*clean light fixtures and replace bulbs with higher wattage ones
*clean gutters ... again
*repair the damaged/missing window slats on BR and Kitchen windows
*address lighting issue in washroom

I think that's it. And most of those things are very easy and quick to complete. So, the race continues, and I'm in the final lap. Hooray! That means, if I am diligent, I should be able to get my house on the market ... officially ... before September. The only questionable tasks are those last two. I'm not sure if I can repair the window slats myself, and if I have to call in a repair person, I don't know how much they'll charge. However, with the lighting issue ... if it cannot easily be repaired, then I'm just going to put a lamp out there and call it a day.

So, my gentle readers, if there are any of you out there, that is where things stand for now. Please send any spare mojo my way, and think happy thoughts, because, well, happy thinking is just better for you than the alternative.

Ciao Ciao for Now!

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