15 August, 2010

Two steps forward ...

Thursday found my father and I plugging away at the remaining items on my to do list. We managed to repair the doorknob and to replace the wash room threshold. We looked for screen replacements for the storm doors in the garage, but, alas, there were none to be found. We tried to find some at Lowe's, but there were none in the right size there. So, I'm going to try the Habitatstore soon to see if I can find a match.

While we were working, I started feeling very tired. It was a heavy fatigue that plagued my bones as well as my eyelids. When I awoke Friday morning, I was still feeling it. I was also experiencing vertigo and a general yuckiness. So, after I taught my yoga class, I came back home, canceled the work date with dad, and went to bed. I slept until 7:20pm! Felt a little better when I woke, and went to my friend Jenn's house to catch up over snacks in the hot tub. Went home and straight to bed around 10pm and slept in until 9:00 this morning. Holy moly! I'm still a little tired, but am feeling much better than I was. Tomorrow will find me working again, and hopefully I will have more energy and make some good progress.

Wish me luck!

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