10 August, 2010

Progress Report: 9 August, 2010

Today The Parents came over to help me start painting the kitchen. I had cleaned out all the cabinets and counters, swept out the muck behind the oven and refrigerator, and cleaned the baseboards before they got here. We had to finish sanding the epoxy on the kitchen (back) door before we began painting. I did as much as I could before asking daddy to put the muscle on the job to get it finished. He did, and it turned out pretty well, I think. I mean, it's no Bob Vila job, but it looks a heckuva lot better than it did before. I am not sure if I mentioned it, but that door had several scratches and a big hunk of missing wood from where Charlie had freaked out on it once upon a time. (He was not pleased to be stuck inside when the neighbor's cat would come into our yard and taunt him.) Anyway, we got it done, and the painting began. The first coat is finished, and we'll be finishing the second coat tomorrow. Thankfully, this is an all white job (walls and trim), so we don't have to be so precise on the edging. Then, later this week, I'm gonna tackle the bathroom. It's small enough that I can do it myself if needed. After that ... just some of the smaller detail stuff, and then the sign in the yard! (And a huge sigh of relief from yours truly.)

The realtor came by today to take some photos of the yard. Had I known she was coming today, I would have made sure the grass was cut, but, still, it wasn't too bad. She made me laugh when she told me she just wanted to get some good shots of the plants while they were all green and blooming, in case it happens to be December when I finally get it on the market. (I think, perhaps, she's going to be happy to see that sign go in the yard, as well.) She did get some nice photos, though, so I was glad she came by. Turns out the rules have changed regarding the MLS listings: Used to be one was only allowed to post 12 photos of a property for sale; now, the limit's 25! That works very much in my favor, since my yard is one of the big selling features of my home. Glad I've been taking photos, as well, during each of the blooming cycles in my gardens!

Physically, I've been doing pretty well. I'm still keeping up a pretty regular schedule of exercise. I'm also still trying to make healthy food choices (without limiting flavor, of course!) But, I've also still been having insomnia, and, so, am tired more than I should be or want to be. I'm hoping to start trying to go to bed earlier and to regulate my sleep cycle and see if that helps. If you have any suggestions, I'd be overjoyed to hear them!

That's it for now, folks. Thanks for reading, and continued luck and success on your own adventures!

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  1. Wait, was that MY cat who tormented your dog? He's kinda evil that way.
    And, two, if your dad still wants to paint some kitchen, he's welcome to have a go round w/ mine!

    As for the sleeping...there is the product called CALM that is a cal/mag fizzy drink, and it helps the body wind right down. I have some in lemon raspberry, which I am not wild about, flavorwise, if you want to give it a try.