03 January, 2010

Charlie Casserole

Today found me doing the weekly grocery shopping: first at the Durham Farmers' Market and then at Whole Foods. After all the goods had been gotten, I set about preparing what I'm calling Charlie Casserole. It's basically a large batch of the raw foods that Charlie (my dog) will be eating on for the next couple weeks. Unfortunately, I had to get several supplements all at once, too, so the bill was quite a bit higher than I'd hoped, but I it's worth it if it helps Charlie to get better. Charlie has a systemic yeast infection, otherwise known as candidiasis. It is often overlooked and/or misdiagnosed by veterinarians, and can cause a random assortment of symptoms in animals and humans alike. (I battled candidiasis several years ago, myself.) I've switched Charlie to a raw foods diet. Let me just tell you now that he is eating a million times better than I am. When I returned from the markets, I set to work making up his meals for the next couple weeks. I pureed so many greens that I thought my blender might actually sputter and die under the strain. But, after about three hours, I was finished. I had a gigantic bowl full of pureed greens, chopped asparagus and green beans, pureed eggs and shells, dulse flakes and bee pollen. (See the photo ... the coffee mug and travel mug are there for size comparison.) I also bagged up all the raw chicken legs, chicken necks, and meaty soup bones so they could be frozen in individual serving sizes. The chicken livers are still thawing in the fridge. They were too frozen to throw in the blender while I was working. I guess I'll have to add them in tomorrow. Then I made up a meal for Charlie to eat today. (He had to wait much later than usual while I was buying and preparing it all.) He ate it with zeal, though his joints are really getting rather unstable causing him to slide around a lot while he eats. I know he is in a healing crisis, and this is normal, but it is still heartbreaking to watch. (You can see the worst of his hotspots - above his tail - in the photo.) I've started him on a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement for his joints, and have also started adding edible clay to his water. Soon I'm going to try to order some fulvic acid minerals and marine phytoplankton to help accelerate the healing. I've also gotten him some homeopathic sulphur to help rid his body of the toxic effects of past vaccines. Hopefully he'll start feeling a little better soon. He's a trooper, though, and, despite his obvious miserable state, is hanging in there admirably. He's still itching like crazy, but I really believe that we are on the right track to help him fully and holistically heal.
If you have any questions about canine candidiasis, or if your pet is experiencing some uncharacteristic symptoms, feel free to contact me, and I'll give you the information I have regarding candidiasis, systemic yeast infection, and links to some great holistic/natural remedies for animals of all sorts.
Thanks for reading!

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