11 January, 2010

Household Overhaul

Well, this has certainly been a productive weekend, despite early signs of floundering and laziness. I'm not sure what came over me, but Saturday evening I received a sudden surge of motivation and inspiration which prompted me to immediately start overhauling my entire house. It began with finally making the curtains for the living room. (I've had the fabric since before Xmas, and kept procrastinating making them.) Once they were hung it became apparent that I would have to rearrange the living room furniture. As I was rearranging the furniture, I began to feverishly reevaluate half of the stuff I own. That lead to a maddening round of purging items I no longer use or need and reorganizing the items I'm keeping. The 'game' continued ceaselessly today, and will have to be picked up tomorrow since I just didn't have time to finish it all today. It feels so good to be lightening up like this. And with every task I complete, I am made aware of twelve more that need doing. It's like a wonderful roller coaster. I feel like I'm freeing my self and my space to make room for new items and experiences ... ones that will be more appropriate to my current tastes and needs. It's so amazing to me how much I'm willing to release now, when I just went through this purging and reorganizing routine only a few short months ago. I thought I had let go of so much then - and, truthfully, I had - but now I'm ready to let go of even more.

Has anyone else ever had the sense that the external environment is a direct reflection of the inner environment? I've known this for ages, but it never ceases to amaze me. Anytime my house is a chaotic mess, it seems my life is a chaotic mess, as well. When I purge and clean my home, it seems to open my mind to a greater sense of clarity and purpose and resolve. When I de-clutter my house, I de-clutter my mind. It's such a simple form of magick, really, but is so powerful. I highly recommend you try it, too. And, if you feel the inkling, please leave some feedback on your own discoveries through the process ...

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