06 January, 2010

Someone's in the kitchen ...

Today's been a pretty good day. I was somehow feeling both lazy and motivated, which resulted in my getting several items from my "to do" list accomplished, but at an easy and enjoyable pace. I finished making the bread I started yesterday. It was so easy, and it's really delicious. Finally ... I have gluten free bread that's light and crusty and wonderful rather than the dry, dense junk I've gotten from the market. Hooray! For lunch I made myself some butternut squash soup with a couple slices of my just-from-the-oven bread topped with brie cheese and mango chutney. I washed it down with a glass of pinot grigio. Delightful! (See photos.)
I also made a white bean and mustard greens bruschetta and a brie, pear and olive tart. The bruschetta's quite nice. I used a fig infused vinegar to add a little zest and it was the perfect balance to the slightly bitter greens and slightly sweet beans. I haven't tasted the tart yet ... I was to full from all the bread and bruschetta ... but it looks beautiful, and I'm looking forward to having some tomorrow. Perhaps I'll have a slice for breakfast with some bacon on the side? Mmmm.
When I wasn't concocting yummy treats, I was sweeping and mopping the entire house. I also tidied up the craft room so that I can stop having excuses and hopefully get my curtains sewn tomorrow. I'll put up some photos when they're finished.
Whew. So glad to have a nice day after the mutinous Monday yesterday. Here's hoping tomorrow's just as good!

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