02 January, 2010

Happy 2010!

A new year and a new decade began today. Most of the day, for me, was spent trying to recover from last night's merriment, but I was up alarmingly early (before 8am!) nonetheless. I did manage to be somewhat productive throughout the day, though, summoning small bursts of motivational energy between lethargic stints on the couch. I gave Charlie (the dog) a bath. (Always a good time ...) I tidied up the house. Washed, dried, and put away the massive mound of dishes that had been threatening to take over my kitchen since yesterday morning. I cleaned out the bunnies' houses. I also managed to take the bunnies out to play a little, though, they are never really sure how adventurous they're willing to get when out of their houses. I brought Anisette (a big, feisty, super fluffy, black dwarf lionhead) onto the couch with me for while. Then I let Blanca (a timid, little, white netherland dwarf with brown markings down her back and on her ears) onto the bed for a while. I still haven't tried putting their new harnesses and leashes on them, yet. Though I intend to do that very soon. I hope they won't put up too much fight when I try to outfit them, though, I must admit, it's likely they might. But, I think the vision of them in their coordinating harness vests will be adorable enough to make up for any difficulties with the donning. Lastly, I've made out my list for the farmers' market and the green grocer visit tomorrow morning. Aside from that, I've been volleying between re-reading the Harry Potter books and researching information on natural care for Charlie's illnesses. I'll have to write more about those in another post. Too much to cover tonight.
I'm off for a little more reading before bed ...
May 2010 be a year of many wonderful and rewarding experiments!

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