01 January, 2010

On the eve of the new calendar year ...

Not much new to report today. Yesterday I was busy with clients, and today's been full of preparations for my friend's wedding this evening, so my projects have been put on hold until 2010.
I did, however, check out my tarot reading from the brilliant online deja deck today. (Click here to try it: Deja Deck.)
This was my reading:

A stable home life.

This card centers around your house and those family/friends/lover(s) involved with your house. From your home you will find your power, whether it be from those who live there/frequent it, or from what you accomplish in the comfort and sanctity of your own temple.

On a slim few readings, this card has been prophetic of Bad Nights Out™ and has translated (in retrospect) to, “Do Not Leave The House Today.” But more often than not, it’s a card of positive powers, all of which emanate from your home base.

Look around you and appreciate what you have! And quitcher mopin’ while you’re at it!

Fairly fitting, no? I guess the timing of this blog was very apropos, indeed.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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